Henry David Thoreau famously wrote “go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” This speaks to me. Thoreau had it figured out! 

I have never been one to follow society’s guidelines for the sort of life people are encouraged to live. I view life as an opportunity to explore every avenue and embrace the freedom to create my own story, no matter the risk.

Each person has their own definition of success. And each person has a right to pursue the sort of success that makes them feel fulfilled. I’ve found fulfillment behind a camera, on the road traveling, while jumping out of a plane and while hiking to remote locations for bold photo shoots. Its our right as humans to live the life we want, free from judgement.

Life pulls us through the long journey only once; what is going to make your journey worthwhile to you? For me, “personal satisfaction that defies convention,” is the answer. I am the person you will find on the other side of a “Do Not Enter” sign. I’ve found that a life truly lived is one that ignores boundaries and goes boldly where imagination compels us to go. 


"Jon was an excellent photographer. He exceeded all of our expectations and captured every special moment on our wedding day. We would recommend Jon Andreas for any and all special occasions!" - Shawn & cARIANNE


"Makes the Senior portrait process extremely enjoyable and memorable even to those who do not like their pictures taken, like me. His Photography work is remarkable." - Austin